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19 de Setembro de 2016

Book review : " The Mystery of The Missing Teeth" by Natalie Pike

Hi all, last weekend I met this lovely, creative and well educated lady, who was able to combine all these talents into a children's book about a boy who loses his front teeth and wants to know why this happened. Little did I know that it would come in handy so quickly.

The author, Ligia Boldori, presented it to me yesterday and today the girls and I read it as it happened that Zarah lost her front teeth as she bit into a carrot .

This is a bilingual book, Portuguese and English;some of its pages are for colouring in, it teaches children about healthy eating, dental hygiene and the end of the milk teeth. It's a great book, even if your child doesn't speak Portuguese. Highly recommend it. You can buy it from her website 

Am sure your kids will enjoy this book as much as mine did. Also great birthday gift!